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Why It Matters That Our Bikes are Designed in Calgary

And Why You Should Care as an E-bike Consumer

"Why does it matter that your bikes are designed in Calgary if they are manufactured overseas?"

We recently received this question from an inquiring customer. We're glad they asked!

It matters because our bikes are designed for the specific lifestyle needs of Canadian riders.

The reality is, the components on most electric bikes are designed to thrive in California weather.

A large portion of direct-to-consumer e-bikes in North America are mass produced and sold to different companies as "white label" bikes. This means, different companies are selling the same bike with a different paint job and a customized logo.

The TuffHill e-bike is different.

We are two local families who ride bikes in Calgary's temperamental weather year round. Using our combined expertise, we designed a new e-bike with a unique combination of premium components ideal for recreational and urban riding in Calgary and beyond.

Our design is inspired by the Dutch philosophy, which means they are comfortable, complete and dependably low-maintenance.

We continue to learn from the best.

Our bikes are manufactured overseas but they are designed, assembled and serviced locally. The dream has always been to bring more of the manufacturing process to Canada and we look forward to how that journey will unfold as we grow.

If having a unique design perfect for our local riding conditions is important to you, get in touch with us directly through our website or DM us on Instagram.

We'd love for you to come and experience the TuffHill difference.

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