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Why Book a Test Ride

Researching e-bikes is fun but nothing compares to riding one.

Whether it's your first time buying an e-bike or you're looking for an upgrade, the best way to know if the TuffHill e-bike is right for you is to take it for a ride. 

What to Expect on a Test Ride

The TuffHill test ride is more than a quick ride around a parking lot. It's an opportunity for you to learn if our bike is the right fit for your riding needs. 

First, we meet you (and your partner and/or kids, if desired) at one of Calgary's beautiful bike paths.


We begin each test ride with a comprehensive overview of the bike's features.


Then, you will get a custom bike fitting to ensure you feel comfortable and confident.

When you're ready, we will lead you through one of Calgary's safe and separated bike paths where you will have little to no interaction with vehicles.

As we ride, we will be there to help guide you through adjusting the pedal assist and changing gears. It won't take long for you to get the hang of it!

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How to Test Ride THe Bike

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2. Confirm the location

This isn't just a quick ride down the block. This is an opportunity to get the full e-bike experience through one of Calgary's most beautiful bike paths. Our test ride location is West Confederation Park, intentionally selected for you to ride through scenic paths and experience THe Bike up a variety of hills. 

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3. Confirm by email

Upon booking, you will receive an email from us confirming the location, date and time of your test ride. In this email you receive a checklist of what to bring with you as well as our contact information for the day-of.  

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4. Meet us there

We will meet you in the parking lot of  your preselected test ride location. Look for the TH  logo on our t-shirt or jacket. If you can't see us unloading bikes, send us a text. 

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5. Enjoy the ride!

We can't wait for you to experience the thrill of riding THe Bike! We will ride with you so can ask us your e-bike questions as they come to your mind in real time. 


Not ready to get on an ebike but still have questions ?

We understand! Learning about e-bikes can sometimes feel like learning a new language. It's OK to have questions! We sincerely believe that no question is a dumb one.

The first step in buying an e-bike is understanding your lifestyle needs. We care about your specific riding needs and are here to help you in your learning journey. 

You can book a free, no-obligation, virtual consultation with Sean and ask him all your e-bike related questions. 


Even if you don't buy a bike from us, you will leave this call more confident in how to choose the best value e-bike for your personal riding needs.

Book your Test Ride Today

  • Come try the TuffHill ebike to see if it's the e-bike you're looking f...

    45 min

  • A free Zoom call with us to understand your personal e-biking needs.

    30 min

  • To keep your TuffHill Ebike running smoothly

    1 hr

    160 Canadian dollars
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