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Do You Know Why We're Called TuffHill eBikes?

(And Why It Matters to You)

It’s Monday. As I unlock my bike from the rack next to the Red Gym where I teach a class at the University of Calgary I hear from an enthusiastic voice, “Your bike is the Calgary commuter’s dream!

I turn to see a man in his 60s locking up his e-bike.

“I hope so, it’s what the bike was designed to be”, I quip, feeling a bit uncomfortable because I feel extremely proud of the bike I’ve designed, but also want to be humble and not too self-promoting.

The belt drive, mid-drive motor and internal gear hub are such a nice combination. Wish I’d known to look for those when buying my bike.” He points to his bike. “It’s been great to ride, but a lot of work to maintain.”

Calgary weather can be rough on bikes. Looks like you have put plenty of kilometers and a few seasons on your bike though!” I respond enthusiastically.

Actually this is my bike’s first winter.” He chuckles. “It doesn’t seem to be handling my commute very well

I worry that I may have just insulted him so I quickly encourage him, “Hey you’re out riding and loving it. That’s what matters! I better get going, I hope you have a great ride home

You too! But before you go. What brand is your bike?” He asks.

TuffHill Ebikes” I reply.

Haven’t heard of them, I’ll check them out when I get home.”

I would have loved to stay and talk more, but I was running a bit behind to pick up my daughter from school. There is no greater sin with my 6 year-old than to be late picking her up from school. I ride away. I wonder if I should be doing a better job promoting my business.

That evening after I put my kids to bed, I receive an email.“Why didn’t you tell me it’s your company!”

The man looked us up and recognized me from our About Us page. He booked a test ride.


Friday comes and we meet at Angel’s Café to test ride along the Bow River pathway. As we ride, he asks to hear more about our company, our motivation and our goals.

As we finish the ride, he turns to me and laughs, “Well I guess my son will be happy to receive my old bike, I need to buy yours now! I’m getting too old to spend time worrying about my bike. I just want to enjoy the ride. Your bike is exactly what I’m looking for. And now that I’ve met you, I trust that you and your company will take of me and my new bike."

So why are we called TuffHill Ebikes?

We’re two families. The Tuffs and the Hills. It just so happens that the combination of our last names is one of the most common barriers to biking: those tough hills!

Tough hills, long distances, poor physical conditioning, carrying groceries or pulling kids. These are the barriers e-bikes overcome. E-bikes are a tool that trick riders into being more active and enjoying it!

We love Calgary and the people who live here. We want to help Calgarians, like you, get more active in an enjoyable way. Active people are happier, healthier and more resilient.


When you buy a bike from us, you're supporting two families on a mission to help change the way we move in our city. So, why should you trust us to deliver the best riding experience in Calgary?


Here are 5 reasons:


1. We know Calgary - We deliver a high-quality e-bike ideal for Calgary's riding conditions. We ride our bikes everyday, all year, no matter the weather. We know what works and what doesn’t and have created a reliable bike you'll love to ride.

2. Personal Connection- We’re not a huge corporate conglomerate that you have to struggle with to make sure you get help. You will have my (Sean) phone number. If you need anything, you can give me a call and I will do my best to make it right.

3. Sustainable Service - We’ll be around to service the bike and keep our bikes running smooth for years to come. A TuffHill e-bike carries the weight of our name, which is why we you can be confident that we stand behind every bike that hits the path.

4. Longevity - We are not a fly-by-night e-bike seller slapping a brand on a mass produced bike trying to make some quick money. We build quality e-bikes that will make your life better. We are in this for the long haul.

5. More than a bike- Electric bikes will fundamentally change the way future generations move. Starting here in our own neighborhood, we want to help Calgary become an even more people-centric, environmentally friendly, financially viable and community-oriented city than it already is. We want to leave our community better than when we found it. We see quality e-bikes as a way to accomplish those goals, one ride at a time.

If these types of values are important to you, we’d love to meet you and go for a test ride.

If you prefer to ride in warmer weather, you can sign up here to be contacted to test ride when the pathways clear up.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.



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