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The Wrong E-bike at a Great Price Is Still the Wrong Bike

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Tis’ the season for crazy sales. My Dad taught me that just because something is on sale, doesn’t mean it’s worth buying. The wrong e-bike at a great price, is still the wrong bike.

Here are 5 things I wish I knew before buying my first e-bike to help you avoid spending money on the wrong bike. 

If I knew these things before I bought my first e-bike, I would have saved precious time and thousands of dollars.

1. Buying an e-Bike Is Not the Same as Buying a Regular Bike

This may seem obvious to you, especially when you compare the prices. Before I bought my first electric bicycle, I thought, “an e-bike is going to change the way I bike.”

I was wrong. It did much more than that. My e-bike changed my life. That is not a hyperbolic statement. An e-bike made riding significantly more enjoyable and easy, which in turn changed my movement habits.

That’s the secret, an e-bike changes your habits and will make you more active. Whatever your current activity level, an e-bike will meet you where you at. Then it will help you increase it. Riding will feel easier, which, will increase your total amount of exercise.

E-bikes look like a bike, feel like a bike, and move like a bike. BUT! They are more fun and easier to ride. While they are a bike, they are so much more. You will use an e-bike differently. You will ride further, you will ride more frequently and you will have more fun. Invest accordingly.

2. Buy the Bike Suited for the Riding You’ll Do 90% of the Time

I bought an electric cross-country mountain bike because I wanted to ride on the paths in the city and have the flexibility to do some downhill single track.

I was out of touch. Being a busy father of 3 kids under 5, I didn’t have the free time I thought I would to mountain bike. I wrongly believed the mountains are the the best place to bike. I had an unrealistic idea of the type of riding I would be doing.

I mostly ride on paths, roads, and gravel trail while pulling my kids. Had I known this, I would have bought a bike with a more comfortable sitting position and a rack to make my rides more enjoyable.

3. Comfort and Practicality Are Crucial

My typical bicycle ride before my e-bike was 20-30 minutes with the odd ride being an hour. My back and shoulders could handle the bent-over riding for those short bursts.

My e-bike reshaped my rides. The motor perfectly enhanced my abilities to make riding challenging, but not taxing. My average ride time increased dramatically.

The biggest increase was the frequency of riding I did. I started riding daily. I rode to work. I rode to the grocery store. I rode with my kids to the park. I rode for adventure in Banff. Groceries, layers of clothing, picnic lunches, laptop: these were the types of varied items I needed to transport and I wish I had bought a bike that made it simple and easy.

As my habits changed, I wished for a more comfortable bike with carrying capacity.


4. Spend More Money, It’s Worth It

I bought my first e-bike for $3500. It felt like a HUGE number. My first car was less expensive. I was worried I had spent a bunch of money on a bike that would mostly sit in my garage unused. I was wrong.

Instead of buying the bike I really wanted I settled for one that was "good enough". I should have spent more to buy the bike I really wanted!

My first ride, I cruised along the gorgeous Calgary Bow River pathway towing my kids while they napped in the chariot. I looked down and realized I had gone 50km without noticing.

“I should have spent more on the bigger battery”.

The most common feedback we hear from our customers is, “I wish I bought your e-bike sooner”. When you experience the freedom and joy of the ride, the value of high-end components is easy to recognize.

5. Belt Drive Is Best

A bigger battery would have helped, but the feature I wish I’d bought on my electric bike was a belt drive. I had to replace my chain every 2000 km. Additionally, I broke at least three of them and threw away several pairs of my favorite pants and shorts because of unremovable grease stains.


Belt drives don’t need grease and last over 20,000 km. The more I rode, the more I wished I had the worry-free belt drive.

The desire I had for a comfortable, belt-driven practical bike with a with a big battery is what led to starting our company. I couldn't find a bike that quite had everything I wanted for a price that I thought was appropriate.

I spent hundreds of hours discussing the perfect e-bike with bike mechanics, bike shop owners, and bike commuters. That lead to the creation of the TuffHill e-bike.


Is the TuffHill e-Bike the Right Bike for You?

I want you to experience the joy and freedom an e-bike brings. I would love for that to be our bike, but only if it’s the right match. When I started looking for my first e-bike, I wish I had someone to help speed up my e-bike learning curve. I didn't, but you can.

If you are interested in an e-bike, let’s talk. Let me help you find a bike that works for you. Since it's winter and you may not feel comfortable with a test ride, let's start with a Zoom call. Press the link below to book a time. 


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