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The Life Changing Reason I Bought an eBike at Thirty Five

When Sean came to me and said he wanted an electric bike, I looked at him, confused, and said “aren’t those for old people?” A week later, we went to pick up his new bike and we drove away with two.

I bought an electric bike for one reason – reconnection.

I am a five foot eight, tired mom of three kids under five. Sean is a six foot five, former varsity athlete. He’s just bigger and stronger than I am. We started biking as a way to get fresh air and exercise with the kids. Even though Sean was the one who towed the kids, I was inevitably left in the dust. Every. Single. Time. Biking together just wasn’t fun.

When we got to the bike shop, I chose the least ugly bike my size and set up next to Sean for our test ride. I saw the huge steep hill ahead of us and was determined to beat him to the top. I turned the pedal assist into full turbo mode and smoked him up the hill. It was so fun!

We rode the rest of the test ride together, playfully jockeying for position. It felt like a flirtatious first date.

As we drove away with two bikes, I had no idea how much it would change our life. Getting to bike side by side my best friend everyday has been a gift. A gift of time, of intimacy and of reconnection. Two years in, it’s still our favorite date.

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