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Electric Conversion  Kit
  • Electric Conversion Kit

    A common saying is the best bike for you is the one you have. While we would love to sell you one of our bikes, for some people the bike they have is best. No point in getting rid of a perfectly good bike

    Here's a way to make your bike a little better! This is a 250-350W BBS01 bafang mid-drive motor that gives you enough of a boost to get up those tough hills. 

    This is a kit to turn your regular bike into an electric bike. It's simple to install and is a great first step into the world of electric bikes,


    Battery is included

    You can install yourself or we can connect you with Darren from Roam Cycle to do it for you!

    • Specifications & Components

      The kit includes:
      • 36V 250W mid-drive motor fits 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket

      • LCD display

      • Cranks

      • Brake levers with engine cut-off

      • Throttle

      • Speed sensor

      • 1T4 Cable

      • 450 kwh battery (36V 12.5A)

      • 36V 2A charger

    • Returns and Warranty

      We do not accept returns on conversion kits.

    Excluding GST/HST
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