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How To Test Ride THe Bike

TuffHill Experience Icons Location.png
2. Choose your location

This isn't just a quick ride down the block. This is an opportunity to get the full e-bike experience! Choose to ride at either Nose Hill Park or Edworthy Park, intentionally selected for you to be surrounded by Calgary's iconic scenery and toughest hills.

TuffHill Experience Icons Confirm.png
3. Confirm by email

Upon booking, you will receive an email from us confirming the location, date and time of your test ride. In this email you receive a checklist of what to bring with you as well as our contact information for the day-of.  

TuffHill Experience Icons Meet Us.png
4. Meet us there

We will meet you in the parking lot of  your preselected test ride location. Look for the TH  logo on our t-shirt or jacket. If you can't see us unloading bikes, send us a text. 

TuffHill Experience Icons Test Ride.png
5. Enjoy the ride!

We can't wait for you to experience the thrill of riding THe Bike! We will ride with you so can ask us your e-biking questions as they come to your mind in real time. 

What Customers Are Saying

"Great Bike!! It changes your relationship with cycling. The battery lasts forever and it gives just the right amount of assist.  Thanks again!"
                                                                                            James S



"Thank you for this amazing bike and for making biking (and my commute to work) fun again!"



"With climate change, I have a responsibility to future generations to do my part. The test ride with Sean sealed the deal. Great ebike."



Great Bike!! It changes your relationship with cycling" 

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